Flower Vibin’:Getting it All Together

This week we collected flowers so that on Thursday we can start construction on the dress. We got a great arrangement of different colors and flower types that make a great mix of bright and pastel assortment. Our great find is this giant Flower that ended up heavily influencing the overall dress design.



Here is a size comparison for how big this flower is.


Needless to say we had a good time with it.


Especially our director who was ecstatic to have it for the dress. Or just to waive around. I’m a little unsure.


On Tueday Lexie talked with us about good and bad sound design. As we move through this project there is not a ton of sound design but we are using it within our promotional material. So as we move forward with that we should try to make sure we do not go overboard with sound and not over emphasize in within this and future projects.

Now that we have all of our flowers we are ready to start construction and the project is getting more exciting as we move forward.


Easter Challenge: Lagombi



With Easter coming it up I thought it fitting that my first challenge be the Easter Bunny. The Lagombi fits the bill perfectly! His stomach is an Easter Egg! “But isn’t the Lagombi a little to easy?” you say. I thought the same thing myself. So I decided to not just hunt one Lagombi… but two!

The Quest is “On Thin Ice.” I crafted myself some Lagombi S armor so that I have my own Easter swag going on and I used my Pecospander+ Switch Axe for its Fire Element.

Lagombi Armor


When I first entered the quest I realized I already had Cold Resistance from the Lagombi S Armor and thought that was cool. I did not know that a full set of armor could do such magic because I usually mismatch my armor. But enough of that I had to find my prey. As I enter area 3 of the Tundra I find both of the Lagombi and am ready for the challenge to begin. As I’m waling on the one closest to me the second Lagombi  does not notice I am there and when it does it runs off into another area with out so much as a belly slide in my direction. I guess there is not a “No bunny left behind” rule. After a few minutes of dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge the Lagombi it runs into the area 2 to eat a bit and meet back up with its pal. This time though his pal decides to stick around and give me a run for my zenni. With them both sliding around area 2 the game of dodge the Lagombi became a lot harder and I almost fainted twice. But once again the second Lagombi fled without me even hitting him. “No bunny left behind” is definitely not a rule.  Soon after it had left I defeated the first one and went on to find the this coward of the snows. Upon finding him he wasn’t too much of a hassle other than liking to stay in the entrances to other areas. I ended its life in area 5 by doing a forward lunge with my axe into his face. It actually looked really awesome.

The quest was tons of fun and I will probably do it again just for the fun of it. Please leave a comment about what you like, don’t like, or want me to include.  All suggestions are appreciated since this is still in development!

Don’t forget to leave a suggestion for next week’s hunt!


Welcome to The Hunt

Welcome Hunters! I am Pryos. I have been a hunter for a few months now and am looking for some fun challenges. Challenges from you. On The Hunt I want to have a challenge for the week from my readers and see if I can successfully hunt the monsters you guys suggest. I will take suggestions for the Monster, Armor set, Weapon class, and Items to take with me. You do not have to include all of these but can if you so choose. I will pick one suggestion for the week. I say a week because in some suggestions I will have to craft the weapons and armors you guys suggest. However I will post the week after the challenge is set. Whether I succeed or fail.

Things I would like you to keep in mind when making your challenges is that I am up to the High Rank: Level 7 quests in the Moga Village and HR 3 in Tanzia Port.  Thank you so much for joining us!